Introducing saeed

In this ever so changing MUSIC INDUSTRY most artist struggle to find their identity, OFTEN riding the vigorous wave of what's "in" instead of staying true to their God given talent and enhancing from whence they came from. Others can't bear to deal with the harsh realities of every day life's ups and downs obstacles and adversities problems and solutions.This is in fact not the case for Richmond California artists Saeed Coleman. The 30 year old lyricist/SONG WITER knows all too well of obstacles and adversity. at the age of 14 Saeed haD his first run-in with the law and it wouldn't be his last. Fighting a drug possession Saeed was all too familiar with the harsh realities of the justice system watching his FATHER SERVE over 10 years in prison while he grew up in a single PARENT HOME THRU out different neighborhoods in Richmond,cALIFORNIA. After many run-ins with authorities as a minor Saeed met Rev. Charles Tinsley a Contra Costa County juvenile hall chaplain who helped Saeed turn his negative circumstances into positive opportunities. Upon leaving Juvenile Hall early before his 18th birthday Saeed had to sign papers stating that he would infact adhere to certain stipulations such as enroll into a junior college look for employment and complete his probation with no more issues with Law enforcement. Thus Far Proving the decision to let him free was a wise choice. Since his release in 2005 saeed has attained two college degrees as well as adopted the terms "edutainer" aND "INFLUENTIAL ARTIST" AS HIS MUSICAL PROWESS. tHE YOUNG VISIONARY HAS BEEN MENTIONED NATIONWIDE AS WELL AS INTERNATIONAL FOR HIS MUSICAL ACHIEVEMENTS, ACTS OF HUMANITARIANISM, tHOUGHT PROVOKING SPEECHES, AND INNOVATIVE CREATIVITY AMONG THE LEAST.   


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